Enrollment fingerprint reader MorphoSmart MSO 300/301

The MorphoSmart™ MSO 300 Series is a family of fingerprint devices based on high-end quality optical sensors with excellent fingerprint processing algorithms. The MSO 300 Series covers a wide range of applications: enrollment, authentication and identification in industrial/commercial and governmental environments.

MSO 300
MSO 300
MSO 300
MSO 300

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  • Excellent fingerprint capture and processing performance with the largest sensor on the market
  • Large database capacity
  • High-quality solution for registration young, elder and manual working people
  • A versatile terminal that carries out both enrollment and comparison operations
  • Guides the user and automatically controls the image quality during enrollment
  • Two different security operating modes: data integrity check or encrypted data exchange
  • Available MorphoSmart SDK to develop various types of applications
  • Fake finger detection (model MSO 301)
  • Choice of fingerprint template formats
  • Integration with access control system Patrol (needed license Verif) a MorphoPatrol (needed license Verif and MACI)


  • Large-size sensor: 23x23 mm
  • Sensor resolition: 500 dpi
  • Database capacity: 500 až 5 000 (licencia)
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Performance: authetication < 0,7 sec., identification < 0,9 sec. in 1:1000 identification mode (including detection, encoding and matching)
  • Accurate: FAR is configurable down to 0,00000001 depending on the security requirements
  • Power supply: USB

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