Time & Attendance fingerprint readers MorphoAccess 500 Series

The MorphoAccess® 500 Series are versatile biometric terminals intended for access control and time & attendance. They use the Morpho proprietary algorithms, which have acquired worldwide reputation for their accuracy and level of performance. Their rapidity and networking capabilities enable them to address all security applications, from one-door control to the protection of buildings, warehouses, vast infrastructures and government agencies.

The MorphoAccess® 500 Series consists of:

  • MorphoAccess MA 500+: Fingerprint reader, indoor
  • MorphoAccess MA 500+ D: Fingerprint reader, RFID reader, indoor
  • MorphoAccess MA 501+ D: Fingerprint reader, RFID reader, fake finger detection, indoor
  • Outdoor MorphoAccess OMA 520 D: Fingerprint reader, RFID reader, outdoor
  • Outdoor MorphoAccess OMA 521 D: Fingerprint reader, RFID indoor, fake finger detection, outdoor

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MA 500+/501+
MA 500+/501+
MA 500+/501+ with backlit keyboard
MA 500+/501+ with backlit keyboard
OMA 520/521
OMA 520/521


  • The MA 500+ terminals offer the highest level of security on the market
  • Easily integrated into existing system
  • The highest database capacity on the market
  • Backlit LCD graphical display and keypad
  • Contactless card reader (optional)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Equipped with numerous interfaces for easy integration into existing systems
  • Operates in standalone or networked modes
  • Fake finger detection (optional)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) can be proposed to VARs who want to develop and embed their own application in the MorphoAccess® terminal
  • Morpho Intergrator´s Kit (MIK) Enables integrators to interface rapidly their own proprietary Windows® based applications to the MA 500+ Series
  • Enrollment with MSO 300 or MSO 1300
  • Integration with access control system Patrol


  • Display: graphical LCD, resolution 128x6 pixelov
  • Keypad: 12 keys + 4 programmable function keys, backlit
  • KDatabase capacity: from 3 000 to 50 000 users(license), two fingerprint templates each
  • Security: SSL on TCP/IP network, secure screws, antitheft and anti-tamper switches
  • Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100, RS 422/485, Wiegand IN/OUT, WiFi (optional), USB
  • Performance: Authentication < 0,7 sec., < 0,9 sec. identification in mode 1:1000
  • Accurate: FAR is configurable down to 0,00000001 depending on the security requirements
  • Contactless card reader: Mifare 1K,4K, DESFire 2K, 4K, 8K
  • Operating temperature: from -10 °C to +50 °C
  • Waterproof, anti-dust protection: IP65 rated (model MA 520/521)
  • Power supply 12V/350 mA alebo PoE
  • Dimensions: 155 x 155 x 74 mm (MA 500+/501+), 218 x 289 x 99 mm (OMA 520/521)
  • Wieght: 0,8 kg (MA 500+/501+), 2 kg (OMA 520/521)

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