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The Time & Attendance system includes calendar management, absence management, employee scheduling, employee time clock (physical/virtual readers), overtime tracking, timesheets, vacation/leave tracking. Optionally it records the number of hours spent at specific tasks or projects in order to cost jobs accurately. WebVisitor exports employees´ time data to various payroll systems.

Mass review of employees´ attendance data
Mass review of employees´ attendance data
Employee monthly timesheet
Employee monthly timesheet
Employee monthly timesheet - summary
Employee monthly timesheet - summary

Benefits - Employer:

  • The new corporate culture
  • Eliminate the risks of employee buddy punching or time fraud
  • Reduce unauthorized absences
  • Reduces administration time and costs
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper timesheets
  • Improve labor reporting
  • Reduce payroll errors
  • Reduce total payroll processing time

Benefits - Employee:

  • Simple, quick, transparent and accurate time registration (Arrivals / Departures / Time Off)
  • Registration via:

    • Dedicated biometric/RFID terminals
    • End user terminals (PC/notebooks/Tablets/Smartphones)


    • Current time balance to monthly time scheduling fund (example +7,24 hours or –11,23 hours)
    • Current number of holiday days (example +21 days)


    Calendar management:

    • Auto-generate - Monthly calendar: working days, state holidays (regional setting), Saturday, Sunday

    Employee scheduling:

    • Individual planning of working shifts, such as copying to others, the system of days booked, related working balance: daily, monthly
    • The option of automatically generating work schedules according to different patterns (based on the type of days, repeating the cycle, etc.)
    • Ability to define individual working hours according attendance days and its reflection into work calendar

    Absence Management:

    • Planning time off (holidays, compensatory time off, business trips, sickness, etc.) on the readers, smartphones, notebooks or by work calendar
    • Additional enter of the time off on the reader, when returning after a few days - enter the return of a particular time off - the system automatically generates an time off
    • Calendar - integrity controlling absences due to illness or injury with an emphasis on controlling unexplained, unscheduled or excessive absenteeism

    Employee time clock:

    Overtime tracking:

    • Standard - overtime can be accumulated and transferred from month to month, draw as compensatory time off or reimbursed through wage
    • Flexi regime/account - planning, tracking and evaluate employee attendance according current needs of workforce

    Self-service portal:

    • Current time balance to scheduling of work (on the screen of reader, example +7,24 hours or –11,23 hours)
    • Current number of holiday days (example +21 days)


    • Monthly employee timesheets (Clock In/Out, balance, take off types, notices, summaries)


  • Modular solution
  • Access rights definition
  • Export of attendance data to many payroll systems
  • Definition and planning various time off types
  • Automatic generation of defined time off (lunch, break, etc.)
  • High flexibility and system parametrization
  • Tracking of overtimes, working-hours balance, holiday, night shifts etc.
  • Definition from one to four-shift operations, various working periods (fix/flexible/12-hours etc.)
  • Various types of printed reports
  • Functions of fast searching, sorting, filtering
  • Graphical user friendly interface
  • Integration with Access Control system Patrol

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