Biometric systems and APIS

APIS company is since 1995 actively engaged in the commercial use of biometrics. We develop and implement software applications in the identification systems. In 1996 he deployed first biometric tme & attendance system and over time we became one of the leaders in this field in Slovak Republic.

Range of biometric applications and related services supplied by APIS includes:

Tme & Attendance system:

  • records of staff on arrival and departure to work
  • records the number of hours spent on specific tasks or projects in order to cost jobs accurately

Access Control system:

  • regime workplace
  • data centres
  • storehouses
  • entrances to the offices of the company's management
  • power stations

Biometric signature:

  • paperless document processing
  • signing contracts
  • multiple signatures in one document in different places at different times
  • processing company agenda (travel orders, holiday cards, invoices, directives etc.)

Information security:

  • workstation, network and domain access
  • remote access to resources
  • transaction and web security
  • application logon
  • data protection


We implement biometric systems from their design, installation hardware, installation software, organization of training to professional supervision during a trial run of application with free support for the first 3 months.

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