LCD signature pad Alpha

The Alpha Pad is the newst product from the Signotec. It differs substantially from his two brothers "Sigma" and "Omega". Thanks to its display size of 15,6" it is the only Signature Pad on the market, which has the ability to display A4-documents in their original size. Even the requirement of the written form, which is e.g. essential for loan agreements, can be fulfilled with the Alpha Pad: the signee places the original document on the Pad and then signs both, the original and the digital document, simultaneously via digital blueprint. Its properties together with the application SignoSign is ideal solution for paperless electronic document processing.

Signature pad Alpha
Signature pad Alpha
Easy to change the pen
Easy to change the pen
Signature pad in action
Signature pad in action


  • High security thanks to protected data transfer
  • High-resolution display with luminous text and graphics
  • Available with backlight option
  • Simultaneous signature capturing by writing on paper
  • Pen is available with plastic tip or inking cartridge to use ink on real-paper
  • High security thanks to RSA-Encryption module
  • Signatures can only be input using a pen, which eliminates malfunctions caused by the user inadvertently touching the surface with the heel of their hand while they are signing
  • Signature display in real time
  • USB cable is firmly linked with the pad, no susceptible connector
  • No driver installation necessary (HID USB device), automatic pad identification
  • Optional Ethernet connection via TCP/IP to access the unit via LAN
  • No special pen required
  • Special surface structure makes the user feel that they are genuinely writing on paper
  • Buttons can be defined, queried and cancelled on the display
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Pads can be customised by adding customer logos
  • Power is supplied via USB with no power supply unit


  • Dimension: 400 x 240 x 26 mm
  • Active signing area: 344 x 211 mm
  • Pressure stages: 1024
  • Display: 15,4" full-colour TFT with adjustable LED backlit
  • Display resolution: 1366 x 768 pixelov
  • Pad resolution: 0,005 mm
  • Performance: 270 samples per second of X, Y, time and presure coordinates
  • Interface: USB, Ethernet (optional)
  • Weight: 1921 g

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